We are finishing a new film, Yuki Onna, by director and art designer Jiří Bárta. It is an artistically unconventional interpretation of a story of the same name, by Lafcadio Hearn.

A unique technique of “wax animation“ has been used, combined with pixillation and other kinds of animation.


YUKI ONNA press kit - English



zlaty vek2Golden age of Czech puppet animation - publication


We know almost everything about animation and its famous history, and we want to share what we know. Therefore, in co-operation with Mladá Fronta we have published “Golden Age of Puppet Animation“ – a complete review of events and films that made the Czech film miracle. Written for a broad audience, students, and film fans.


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zlaty vek2Golden age of Czech puppet animation - DVD


For many years Czech animation has belonged to the best in the world. We have made a documentary film which presents the very best that has been created here. All is shown in context, with commentary. Ideal for students and those with an interest in animation. Language variations: CZ, EN, GE, FR.

autopohadkyCAR FAIRY TALES


Feature length animated film made by five directors. Intended for children and all who like to dream. Each story is made using a different visual style and technology…

For more information visit the official web site:  www.autopohádky.cz


CAR FAIRYTALES can be purchased at:



pojarMonography: Břetislav Pojar


We deeply appreciate the unique films by professor Pojar. We are therefore very pleased that we were able to publish a beautiful colour monography about our greatest Czech animated film director.

Published in language variations: CZ, EN, FR, GE


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a2 02_filmHiroshi


An animated film by Břetislav Pojar which was comissioned by the Japanese company ARMZ. It is based on a story by Yeto Sato.

Břetislav Pojar adapted it and made it comprehensible for young viewers in Japan as well as other countries. It is a story of friendship between a city boy Hiroshi, and a painter living in the middle of a wild countryside. The story has an ecological and moral message. A seemingly carefree harmony of plants, trees, animals, birds, and people is just one side of natural law. Hiroshi experiences a particular disappointment that finally helps him understand the complicated beauty of the world we live in.

From a technological point of view the final form of the film is new, and in a way, experimental. It is a demanding combination of computer animation with classical puppets and three-dimensional objects.




chinaskiChinaski - video clip "Rubber Soul"


At the beginning of 2011 a new music video, Rubber Soul by the band Chinaski was shot behind the doors of our studio. The video was a pilot composition of Car Fairytales, created under the conducting baton of Michal Podhradský.








psiBřetislav Pojar - Dog´s history 


A simple story about the budding friendship between a young boy and a dog, made using classical puppet animation. The dreams and imaginations of the individual characters, in contrast, are represented by comical drawn animations. The short story is intended predominantly for the youngest of viewers. Even in a time of electronic toys, it shows how a bond can develop between a human and nature.