Plasticine animation.  Shot on three layers with a total set depth of 2.5 m.A plasticine figure took full advantage of the modelling clay – it was amorphous and transformed itself into product symbols it represented. Typical ball and socket armature for a puppet animation.Animated film created by director Břetislav Pojar, based on the work of Japanese poet Basho.Shooting of a music video for the band Chinaski. Combination of animation and shadow play of actors. This spot was very demanding – a one shot spot with 12 figures on the set at the same time.


Animations are extraordinary worlds crafted by the hands of their creators. These worlds are countless...


Everyone who wants to create their own new world in this way, looks for something completely new that has never been here before. Professional quality is definitely required. This, however, can only be fulfilled by combining inventiveness, experience, and trial and error. Animation People studio has been working for 21 years with minimal change. We have created more than 200 films , spots, clips, and documentaries using different technologies. We have worked for dozens of clients. Animation is our beloved work….


A combined music video for the band Chinaski. The mosquito was made using puppet technology.Character designs for the children's programme CSA. 3D CGI technology.Character designs for the Crocodile campaign. Plasticine.Development of a CGI 3D model of Mr Chládek for the Kinder company.  Design of the main character for the Crocodile campaign. Combination of plasticine and real components.Snowmen models in larger than life size – about 2.5 m, for the shooting of a commercial spot.Live action part of the music video for the band Chinaski. 


The primary aim of this website is not to present and boast about our work. Our activities are so broad and rich that they can serve as an example, and help the viewer find their way through different styles, terms, and technologies used in animation.


We therefore hope these pages will not only serve as a source of inspiration, but also as your guide to the world of animation.


One of many props made for Adidas Originals 2008 - Adi Dassler campaign. All props were created with realistic details.A special model of a NOKIA phone – fuelled by Cola instead of a battery. A special prop, model of a duck pilot, for the shooting of a TV spot.More specialized props. This time a plate with a diameter of 37 mm.Realistic life-sized head of a baby giraffe.Specialized props – eyes that emerge from mud and watch what is going on around – for an advertising spot.

Head anatomy. The prop was made so that the animator could move the eyes, tongues and lower jaws of both heads.